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About Us

Supporting Life-Long Learning Through Quality Continuing Professional Education


The Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy provides quality continuing education opportunities for pharmacists and technicians. Our continuing education programming strives to provide current, evidence-based activities that incorporate active learning strategies to enhance and promote the participant’s professional development. Activities are offered to improve the participant’s skills and knowledge in order to advance their practice and improve patient outcomes. 

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The mission of the Office of Continuing Pharmacy Education at the Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy is to provide quality continuing education and promote continued professional development for pharmacists to improve the skills and knowledge needed to advance pharmacy practice and enhance patient outcomes.
The goals of the Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy Office of Continuing Education activities are to:
  • Identify the educational needs of pharmacists practicing in community pharmacy, health systems, ambulatory care, or other practice areas.
  • Identify and deliver educational content of value to alumni, pharmacy preceptors, pharmacy residents, and pharmacy educators.
  • Identify and deliver educational content to pharmacists in the areas of emerging practice issues, disease state management and pharmacotherapy. 
  • Provide a means for pharmacists to receive state-mandated CPE credits for licensure.
To register for a LIVE event, select the LIVE tab below and the corresponding program.  
To register for a WEBINAR or HOME-STUDY program, select the DISTANCE* tab below and the corresponding program.
*Programs designated with NTDP are reserved for current students of the Nontraditional Pharm.D. Program
Virginia Pharmacist Contraception Services Training Program - Online Home Study Course

This home study training program is accepted by the Virginia Board of Pharmacy as required training for pharmacists to prescribe hormonal contraception (pills, patch, ring, injection, and emergency contraception) per statewide protocol. This program includes background, review of methods, protocol procedures, patient education, service implementation, resources for both pharmacists and patients, and payment for pharmacist services.

Earn up to 3 contact hours (0.3 CEUs) of ACPE-accredited continuing pharmacy education (CPE) credit.

Shenandoah University is co-marketing this event. Participants who are interested in completing this program must register and pay at


  • Pharmacists $150
  • Pharmacy students/others $100
  • Pharmacy technicians $60
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CE Activity Date Hours Flyer
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CE Activity Release Date Expiration Date Flyer Hours
A Review of Etomidate for Rapid Sequence Induction and Intubation 02/15/2022 02/15/2025 Flyer 1.00
A Review of Status Epilepticus - WEB 04/01/2022 04/01/2025 Flyer 1.00
NTDP - Applied Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacogenomics I 07/13/2021 07/13/2024 N.A. 1.00
NTDP - Applied Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacogenomics III 05/26/2020 05/26/2023 N.A. 1.00
NTDP - Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics 05/26/2020 05/26/2023 N.A. 4.00
Consider Your Liver: What you Need to Know about Liver Injury and Disease 05/20/2020 05/20/2023 N.A. 1.00
DOAC dosing in obesity: a closer look - WEB 06/01/2022 06/01/2025 Flyer 1.00
NTDP-Drug Literature Analysis/Interpretation 05/09/2022 05/09/2025 N.A. 3.00
NTDP-Essentials of Pharmacogenomics 05/04/2021 05/04/2024 N.A. 2.00
Fact or Myth? Aspirin for Primary Prevention 05/20/2020 05/20/2023 N.A. 1.00
NTDP - General Medicine II 08/10/2022 08/10/2025 N.A. 2.00
Looking Ahead: Second-Generation Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotic Medications for Schizophrenia 03/31/2020 03/31/2023 N.A. 1.00
NTDP - Neurology/Psychology Pharmacology and Therapeutics 05/04/2021 05/04/2024 N.A. 3.00
NTDP - Oncology Pharmacology and Therapeutics 07/13/2021 07/13/2024 N.A. 3.00
NTDP - Renal Pharmacology and Therapeutics 07/13/2021 07/13/2024 N.A. 2.00
NTDP - Special Populations 08/10/2022 08/10/2025 N.A. 2.00
Surviving Sepsis in 2022 - WEB 04/01/2022 04/01/2025 Flyer 1.00
VTE Prophylaxis in Trauma Patients - WEB 03/10/2022 03/10/2025 Flyer 1.00
Walk a Mile in Someone Else’s Shoes: Anti-Vaxxer Rhetoric and the Role of Storytelling 06/03/2021 06/03/2024 Flyer 1.00
Who you gonna call? Poison Control! - WEB 06/01/2022 06/01/2025 Flyer 1.00