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About Us
The mission of the Office of Continuing Education at the Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy is to provide high quality continuing education opportunities for pharmacists.  Activities offered will promote continued professional development for pharmacists to improve their skills and knowledge in order to advance their practice and improve patient outcomes.
The goals of the Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy Office of Continuing Education activities are to:
  • Identify the current educational needs of pharmacists.
  • Develop educational activities related to the identified needs that enable pharmacists to apply knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values to become healthcare professionals who provide high quality patient centered pharmaceutical care.
  • Provide pharmacists with educational opportunities in the areas of emerging practice issues, disease state management and pharmacotherapy.
  • Deliver educational activities that foster pharmacy preceptor training and development, and that assess the effectiveness of clinical experience activities.
  • Increase alumni participation in both live and home study continuing pharmacy education activities
To register for a LIVE event, select the LIVE tab below and corresponding progam.  
To register for a WEBINAR or HOME-STUDY program, select the DISTANCE* tab below and corresponding program.
*Programs designated with NTDP are reserved for current students of the Nontraditional Pharm.D. Program
Programs Release Date Expiration Date Flyer Hours
A Breath of Fresh Air: An Update on New COPD Medications 04/04/2016 04/04/2019 N.A. 1.00
NTDP - Applied Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacogenomics III 05/30/2017 05/30/2020 N.A. 1.00
Assessing Biostatistics in the Medical Literature 06/20/2017 06/20/2020 N.A. 1.00
NTDP - Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics 05/30/2017 05/30/2020 N.A. 4.00
NTDP - Endocrine Pharmacology and Therapeutics 05/06/2019 05/06/2022 N.A. 2.00
NTDP - General Medicine I 12/07/2017 12/07/2020 N.A. 3.00
NTDP - Gastrointestinal/Nutrition Pharmacology and Therapeutics 04/26/2019 04/26/2022 N.A. 2.00
Implementing the Pharmacists' Patient Care Process into your Practice Setting 04/12/2016 04/12/2019 Flyer 1.00
NTDP - Infectious Diseases Pharmacology and Therapeutics 12/07/2017 12/07/2020 N.A. 4.00
NTDP - Neurology/Psychology Pharmacology and Therapeutics 12/07/2017 12/07/2020 N.A. 3.00
Novel Pathways in the Treatment of Heart Failure 04/04/2016 04/04/2019 N.A. 1.00
SBIRT Training for Health Professionals Webinar 01/15/2016 01/15/2019 Flyer 2.00
The Kidney Strike Out: A Review of Acute Kidney Injury 03/20/2017 03/20/2020 N.A. 1.00
The Opioid Crisis: Understanding the Problem and How Pharmacists Can Help 09/30/2017 09/30/2020 N.A. 2.00
The Pharmacist's Role in Team Based Approach to Healthcare: Helping Pharmacy Students Make the Team 05/03/2016 05/03/2019 Flyer 1.00
To DOAC or not DOAC: Special Patient Populations 05/24/2018 05/24/2021 N.A. 1.00
Updates in the Management of Deep Vein Thrombosis 04/20/2017 04/20/2020 N.A. 1.00
When the Little Guys Attack: Multi-drug Resistant Organisms in the ICU (Web) 03/07/2016 03/07/2019 N.A. 1.00